Raw Materials

Raw Materials

Ventaja Phosphoric Acid 85%

Ventaja Phosphoric Acid 85% is a liquid fertilizer with a high phosphorous concentration. Its primary application is to nourish and strengthen the root system during early growth stages, enhance flowering, and promote increased production in advanced stages. Additionally, it lowers soil alkalinity, thereby increasing the proportion of available elements and improving the plant’s absorption capabilities. Ventaja Phosphoric Acid 85% also effectively minimizes algae growth and prevents calcium accumulation in irrigation pipe driblets. It can be applied through irrigation on a wide range of agricultural crops.

Ventaja SOP (0-0-50 +18% S)

Ventaja SOP is a powdered fertilizer with a substantial potassium content, specifically designed for the fruit formation phase. Its primary function is to increase production across all crop types. This versatile fertilizer can be used with all irrigation systems and can be applied to various agricultural crops. It provides rapid and efficient results, particularly on alkaline and lime soils.

Ventaja DAP (18-46-0)

Ventaja DAP is a granular fertilizer with a significant phosphorous content, specifically formulated for promoting root and flower development. It effectively increases production in all crops, with a particular emphasis on field crops and potatoes throughout their growth stages, thanks to its slow decomposition capability. This versatile fertilizer is applied by spreading it on the soil of various agricultural crops.


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