Ventaja Liquid Fertilizers

Ventaja Liquid Fertilizers

Ventaja Cal Mag 19%

Ventaja Cal Mag 19% is a pure liquid fertilizer that is rich in calcium and magnesium, along with nitrogen and a variety of microelements. It is highly concentrated and helps plants in building their structures by providing them with essential levels of calcium and magnesium. This fertilizer boosts plant vitality, leading to increased production, improved cell wall strength, and better chlorophyll production. The presence of nitrogen in this fertilizer also has a positive impact on the plant’s uptake of calcium and magnesium, extending and increasing the plant’s life cycle for a longer harvest. It enhances leaf color, fruit quality, and shelf life, while also playing a significant role in improving the shape, hardness, and luster of the fruit. This fertilizer can treat saline and sodium-rich soils, and its calcium content contributes to resisting physiological changes that may affect fruits, such as flower end rot in tomatoes, bitter pit in apples, and burning edges of lettuce leaves. Ventaja Cal Mag 19% can be used during any stage of the growing season, including the stages of transferring seedlings, growing vegetables, and setting fruits.

Ventaja Amino

Ventaja Amino is a liquid fertilizer with a high concentration of amino acids that helps plants withstand unfavorable conditions such as seedling shock, drought, and frost, while also protecting them from physiological diseases that can hinder normal growth. It strengthens the plant and stimulates vegetative growth, increases nutrient absorption efficiency, and promotes the growth of plant tissues. It aids in the formation of auxins, which are responsible for stem elongation and bud growth, while also increasing root growth and the number of root hairs that supply the plant with nutrients. With its free amino acids and growth-promoting elements, Ventaja Amino plays a crucial role in various plant physiological processes and is suitable for use on all crops through irrigation or foliar spraying.

Ventaja Humic 15%

Ventaja Humic 15% is a liquid fertilizer that contains humic acid, which provides various benefits to plants. It stimulates plant growth by activating cell division, resulting in increased production and improved crop quality. Additionally, it improves the texture and structure of the soil and increases its water holding capacity. Ventaja Humic 15% also enhances nutrient absorption and reduces nutrient loss in the soil. It increases the activity of beneficial soil microbes, promotes the growth of roots, and even renews damaged ones. To further improve its specifications, Ventaja Humic 15% can be mixed with fertilizers that contain macro and micro elements.

Ventaja KTS

Ventaja KTS is a pure liquid fertilizer that contains high levels of potassium and sulfur in the form of potassium thiosulfate. It is effective in reducing the pH of the soil, thereby releasing the microelements that exist in it. It enhances the size, quality, and quantity of fruits, leading to uniformity, higher sugar content, and increased production. It is not recommended to mix Ventaja KTS with any other fertilizer or pesticide. It can be applied through irrigation or foliar spraying.

Ventaja N (0-0-40)

Ventaja N is a pure liquid fertilizer that offers plants a significant amount of nitrogen in three forms: ammonia, nitrate, and urea, supporting their growth and reducing nitrogen waste. It promotes vegetative growth and enhances production. This fertilizer can be applied through irrigation or foliar spraying.

Ventaja DKP

Ventaja DKP is a pure liquid fertilizer that contains a high concentration of phosphorous and potassium, making it a suitable choice for improving the quality and size of flowers and fruits, increasing production, and enhancing plant resistance against diseases. This versatile fertilizer can be applied to all crops and can be used either through irrigation or foliar spraying.

Ventaja KTC

Ventaja KTC is a pure liquid fertilizer that boasts a high concentration of pure potassium with added citric acid. Its use can improve the quality and size of fruits, enhance their taste and color, and increase overall production. The high concentration of potassium helps plants become more resilient to drought, water stress and fungal diseases. By lowering the soil alkalinity, this fertilizer increases the percentage of available elements and facilitates their absorption by the plant. It can be applied through irrigation or foliar spraying.

Ventaja Phosphor 70%

Ventaja Phosphor 70% is a high-quality pure liquid fertilizer that contains a concentrated amount of phosphorus. This fertilizer helps in promoting root development, improving flowering and increasing crop production. It also helps in reducing the alkalinity of the soil by releasing elements that are fixed in the soil from previous seasons. Additionally, it prevents algae growth and calcium build-up in irrigation pipe droplets, ensuring efficient water flow. This versatile fertilizer can be used through irrigation or foliar spraying.

Ventaja Sal

Ventaja Sal is a pure liquid fertilizer that combines calcium with organic matter to create a salinity repellent. This fertilizer helps to reduce soil salinity and alleviate the pressure caused by high levels of sodium. It also enhances soil structure, increases water holding capacity, permeability and aeration, and stimulates microorganism growth. Additionally, it provides the necessary calcium for plants to support fruit growth, improve their quality, shape, hardness, freshness, and prolong their storage life. Ventaja Sal is applied through irrigation.

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